Saturday, December 14, 2013


Philly-opoly has been going great and selling fast! We have this special offer people who love Philadelphia as much as we do:

Click here -- -- to buy a case of six Philly-opoly games for only $20 per game (the wholesale price) and it will be shipped FREE in time for Christmas.

And remember $5 from each game ($30 total) will go to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

What can you do with six Philly- opoly games? In fact, start a list and you’ll see you may need more:
* Customer and employee gifts
Family and Friends who moved out of the area love them
* Going to holiday parties? Bring a game instead of alcohol –    especially if there are kids in the family
* Grab Bag/Secret Santa parties
* Donate to charity like Toys for Tots
And of course get one for yourself! (or two – one to play and one to keep wrapped)