Thursday, April 9, 2009

Promotional Advertising Products

Promotional Advertising Products are the best form of advertisement to directly reach your clients. In this article you will see just a few of the products that our company has to offer. I will list the most popular Promotional Advertising Products and what their main use is. If at the end of this article you are still stuck just call and we will do all the work for you.

We'll start with Trade Show Giveaways. Some of the most popular Trade Show Giveaways are Custom Playing Cards. These are an AMAZING form of Promotional Advertising because not only can you customize the backs of the cards you can customize all 52 faces AND the jokers. The best part about it is they are still usable. Custom Playing Cards can be used for wedding favors, Birthday parties, Bat Mitzvah, Corporate Events and Gifts, Or Trade Show giveaways. These are also great because they can be used for resale also. The prices are low to purchase these great promotional items so you the client can actually resell them to your clients or the public and use them as promotional merchandise.

Custom Apparel is also another great source of promotional advertising. We offer several options including but not limited to Custom Embroidery, Custom Screen Printing, Custom Tee-shirts, and many more. Custom Apparel is used in the promotional advertising business to promote your company by people wearing your clothing everywhere. Now you can use Custom Apparel as a business uniform. Custom apparel can be used as merchandise to promote your company also. Custom apparel is also a great promotional giveaway or Trade Show Giveaway.

Custom Tote Bags, Custom Duffle Bags, Custom Plastic Bags, or Custom Shopping Bags are also great for the client that owns a retail store or again as a Trade Show Giveaway. There are several different options for these promotional advertising products. Custom bags can be purchased just blank or they can be made into a Custom bag with your company logo, design or company colors. Custom tote bags are usually cloth bags with cloth handles. These are also great for Trade Show giveaways. The reason a Custom bag works as a great promotional advertising product is because people hate carrying a bunch of things around. Not only does the person see the logo or design on the bag everyone they walk past has an opportunity to see your name branded on that custom bag. You can't buy advertising like that for the prices we have.

Desktop and Office supplies. Now some people don't even think about things like this, but they are also very popular and an amazing way to promote your company. There are several promotional advertising products that fall into this category. I will name just a few, Custom post-it notes are great because your logo will be on every single one and as we all know these things end up EVERYWHERE. Custom staplers are great because you can send them as a small gift to all your clients they can actually use this product and your name is displayed all day everyday. Custom desk clocks and custom calculators another great promotional advertising product that will be on display all day everyday. You can never go wrong sending other useful office supplies like custom note holders, custom mouse pads and custom planners. Another GREAT promotional product is custom desk calenders. Everyone I know has one of these bad boys on their desk and you and I know how upset you get when the year runs out and you go ONE day without one. This is a great time to send your client a brand new custom desk calender before the year runs out. Not only do you save them from the trouble of having to purchase a new one, But you have now made an impression and your logo and name are there to remind them everyday.

These are just a few of the promotional advertising ideas that you can use. I will update more and list some other promotional ideas, but for now I will leave you with this. Hopefully it's been helpful to you and others around you. If you have any questions or comments or just want to talk to someone friendly please contact me.

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